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Mrs. Cader’s College and Career Resource Page

I am here to help you! Here are some great resources you can use for planning your future!

Some helpful websites to help you with your college and career planning:





Most scholarships come directly from colleges. Complete applications for admission in the fall of your Senior year. (Some colleges open up applications as early as June so check with your college to find out when their application process begins.) You must be accepted for admission in order to receive scholarships and financial aid. Request applications for all scholarships and grants offered by each college or university you are interested in attending. Most can be found on-line at the college’s web site. Make sure you meet all the deadlines.

Searching for scholarships takes time, so you can never start too early. Even if it is too early to apply for a scholarship, file the information away so you can use it when you are eligible to apply. Always have your resume available to send to a scholarship committee. Create your resume on a computer and save it so that you can update it as needed to best display your abilities and accomplishments. (Source: Get2college)



The FAFSA is the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid and is the first step in becoming eligible to receive money for college from federal, plus some state, college and private sources. This year, the FAFSA is available to graduating seniors beginning OCTOBER 1.

Each year, students leave more than $3 billion in money for college unclaimed simply because they do not file the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is completely FREE and fairly east to complete.  Please make sure you are logging into the correct website as there are many scams out there:


Information on MS state financial aid can be found at



I have fee waivers for Juniors and Seniors in my office. I also have free prep books for you to use. Get2college’s website has some great ACT prep help, as well as Khan Academy. Here is a guide to using Khan Academy: