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Welcome to the Gifted Education Department


The Yazoo City Municipal School District provides programming for students who meet the criteria for intellectually gifted in second through eighth grades. These classes are located on the elementary campus and the middle school campus.

Our district's program for intellectually gifted began in the early 1970’s.  Over time the program has evolved to include the theories of leaders in gifted education and research. The name of the program within the district is Developing Interests of the Gifted “D.I.G.”

The Gifted Education curriculum expands the core curriculum so that students are encouraged to make connections within and across disciplines, time and history, and cultures and places. Download our brochure here


Philosophy of YCMSD Gifted Education

It is the belief of the Yazoo City Municipal School District that gifted students need more from the education program than is routinely found in the regular education setting.  The District believes gifted students have an exceptional potential for academic achievement that must be tapped and enhanced.  Through identification of the gifted students’ strengths, needs, and interests, it is possible to develop strategies of instruction that will serve as motivational factors in the gifted child’s academic progress.  These strategies of instruction will serve as motivational factors in the gifted student skills in higher level thinking, objective decision making, critical thinking, leadership, and a creative approach to problem solving.  These teaching strategies can simultaneously broaden with independent study skills that will serve the student throughout his or her academic life.  The Yazoo City Municipal School District is committed to the motivation and guidance of gifted students through enriched, quality education. 


The mission of the Yazoo City Municipal School District program for intellectually gifted is to create a learning environment that fosters and encourages thinking, creativity, metacognition, healthy enriching relationships and appropriate expectations and understanding of self.  Gifted education is a kind of special education intervention meant for a small, discrete group of learners.



Yazoo City Municipal School District Gifted Education Program provides learning experiences for identified gifted students.  The goals of the Yazoo City Municipal Gifted Program are: 

  • To strengthen the students’ higher order thinking skills, 
  • Nurture their creative abilities, and 
  • Assist in their social/emotional development.



Challenge Outcomes: