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Technology in the the Schools

Our school district has had a complete technology upgrade. Installations of robust wireless networks have been completed at all schools in the district. Wireless connectivity has proven to be perhaps the most essential need in today’s classroom. In addition, the school district has invested in new technologies for the students of the Yazoo City Municipal School District.  Laptops, iPads and Chromebooks have been purchased and put in the hands of our students. These devices allow for interactive and cutting-edge learning in the classroom. They also enable easier access to supplemental learning materials that accompany textbooks. The new technologies also allow schools to use less time to test students allowing for more instructional time. Integrating technology in the classroom is a great way to reach diversity in learning styles, to prepare students for the real world, to increase engagement in the classroom and to increase student achievement.

Children at desks holding tablets Two girls holding tablets Students with desks facing holding tablets Students using tablets while the teacher instructs them Two boys using tablets  Students using laptops Students working together using their laptops