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Welcome to the Technology Department


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Technical Support requests will be prioritized and assigned as appropriate to meet the needs of our District. 



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The infusion of education technology into schools is integral to promoting higher order learning processes by students.  The Yazoo City Municipal School District is committed to ensuring that all learners have equitable opportunities to employ a variety of technological tools to enhance the learning process.  We envision that education technologies are mainstays of the intellectual environment, maintaining the importance, independence and interdependence of individual learners in perpetuity. Education technology will provide the opportunity to offer education anywhere, anytime for everyone.


For more information contact:

Adrienne Dee Parker
662-746-7642 Ext 9026
Email Mrs. Parker


Kelvin Johnson, Technician
662-746-2378  •  662-746-5800
Email Mr. Johnson


Derryl Evans, Technician
662-746-4093  •  662-746-2904
Email Mr. Evans