Yazoo City Municipal School District

Dr. Darron Edwards, Superintendent

1133 Calhoun Avenue

Yazoo City, MS  39194

Phone:  662-746-2125    

Fax:  662-746-5062

McCoy Elementary School

1835 School Drive
Yazoo City, MS  39194

About McCoy Elementary

“Moving Towards Excellence in Teaching and Learning!”

Students in grades 2-5 attend McCoy Elementary School.  A number of enhanced programs support our goal to have all students learning.  McCoy also has a large media center, technology center, parent center and cafetorium.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of organized learning experiences such as computer education, field trips and a variety of library activities.  We also offer physical education and music classes for students to enjoy.  

Principles to support our mission:

1. We will provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all students.

2.  Using District procedures, we will select highly qualified teachers who have the passion, compassion, and skills to provide your children with an excellent education.  These teachers will be highly trained in the most effective instructional practices.

3. We will build powerful family and community engagement to draw support for student success.

4. We will provide challenging common core standards based curriculum, with an emphasis on differentiation, so that all students can succeed.  The curriculum will promote higher order thinking with integration of math, science, and technology.

“Moving towards excellence in teaching and learning!”