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Woolfolk Partners with Delta Health Alliance to Promote Teen Pregnancy Prevention back button

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Draw the Line/Respect the Line is a teen pregnancy prevention program that seeks to reduce the number of students who initiate or have sexual intercourse and to increase condom use among students who are sexually active. Classes will be taught by trained community-based educators twice each week to a group of 10-35 students separated by gender, depending upon each school’s class structure. The program will be delivered in nineteen, 45-minute sessions over the course of three years. Five lessons will be taught in 6 th grade, seven in 7 th grade, and seven in 8 th grade. The 6th grade curriculum focuses on developing limit setting and refusal skills in non-sexual situations in which youth may experience peer pressure. The 7th grade curriculum emphasizes the consequences of unplanned sex, information about STIs, and application of refusal skills to sexual situations. The 8th grade curriculum further develops student refusal skills and informs students about different forms of contraception. One strong advantage of Draw the Line/Respect the Line is that the curriculum spans several years, which allows students to receive developmentally appropriate, reinforced instruction and information that builds on itself. Another advantage of using Draw the Line/Respect the Line is that the curriculum is delivered within schools, which ensures that all students have the opportunity to engage with and receive the intervention.